Break-free from legacy storage solutions. We can help you store more for less.

Now is the time for your Small Business to respond to global business opportunities in real-time on a 24*7 basis. Data storage is not just about how and where, it’s also about the speed at which data can be accessed to drive value in a holistic way.

Most commonly, SMBs use servers for
Backup a variety of data due to government regulations
Archiving e-mails dating back 5+ years
Increased storage capacity for vigilant backups due to increased data breach
Software upgrades or OS demands more storage
Growing need to store large media files, like videos

Do any of the following ring true?


Data Storage Market transcends $78 Billion in 2021- Statista

Let’s begin the storage hunt for your small business!

  • What are your storage needs? Under 1TB?

  • Do you prefer to store data on-premises or on cloud?

  • Are your storage needs likely to grow each year?

  • What is your monthly budget? Under $100/month?

  • Decide on your hardware budget if you choose on-premise. Under $500?

Ready to consider your storage options? A frictionless future for your data

Direct-Attached Storage

On-site digital storage with capacities of 6TB. It is affordable, easy to install, and all you need is a single external hard drive.

Network-Attached Storage

Scalable in nature, NAS systems provide excellent data redundancy that can mirror data across multiple drives.

Disaster-Protected Storage

Preparing for any disaster is just something that any business owner should do to safeguard business’ most critical data.

Cloud Storage

Affordable, flexible and fully scalable solution that provides data access from anywhere where you have an internet connection.