‘SMBs, Go Digital or Go Bust’, said 2020. ‘But Cautiously’, says 2021!

In a cloud-centric world, IT bottlenecks impediment the growth of SMALL BUSINESSES. And most of the small business owners are dubious about running a physical server or a cloud server. However, it depends on what you’ll be using it for.

Want to purchase a Server? On a shoe-string budget?

Every business is unique and we always recommend booking a server consultation based on your exact needs and budget.

No more cloud-based servers run by third-parties.

Most commonly, SMBs use servers for

Secure Email hosting

Host your own email instead of going through a third-party provider.

Website hosting

Important for sites that have heavy traffic or expect to have heavy traffic in the future.

Document storage

Users can not only access the files or documents via the local network but also benefit from remote access.

E-commerce hosting

Host your e-commerce website including features such as payment processing services, security initiatives, SSL, shopping cart software and more.

Hosting line-of-business applications

Host line of business and other specialized applications in cloud and enjoy anywhere, anytime access.

Data backup and recovery

Create and store copies of data that can be used to protect organizations against data loss.

Cloud or Physical Servers?

Cloud Servers

Well-suited to SMBs with limited space and IT resources. If there is a power outage or server issue, your network won’t experience any downtime.

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Physical Servers

Higher upfront cost, but no recurring monthly fees. Downside- you’re responsible for the cost of replacement hardware and increased electricity for running and cooling the server 24/7.

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