Navigating the Cloud Security Paradigm : Challenges and Solutions

Take a look at the prominent Cloud Security Challenges and best practices to surmount them

Cloud computing has transformed enterprises, business operations, workplace processes, governments, educators, and entire industries at breakneck speed in the last decade and specially in 2020. These developments have also created new security challenges and vulnerabilities that pose high levels of risk. Here are some of the cloud security challenges which obscure the business benefits:

  • Cyber Threat Actors: Usage of sensitive, confidential information by an unauthorized individual(s).
  • Insufficient Identity, Credential, and Access Management: Insecure identity access management systems or failure to ensure multistep authentication.
  • Tech Vulnerabilities: Inadequate safeguards and protections for APIs, insufficient diligence while adopting and migrating to cloud assets.
These security challenges can manifest anywhere in the cloud. Enterprises should prepare a strategy to address these threats

To make the most of cloud systems and step into the digital future with confidence, businesses need to prioritize cloud security by creating on-premise cloud expertise that can continually plug security gaps and minimize risks. Download this Whitepaper, take a hard look at the security threats to cloud and find best practices to avoid them.

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