There are Seven New Exciting Features in Windows 10 that Makes it a Breakthrough OS. These features are far more superior than other operating systems.

Roughly, Windows 10 is updated twice every year, and each update brings some new improvements with it. Here are seven new features that make Windows 10 the best OS:


1.Microsoft Edge Couldn't Have Been Better

The age-old ‘Internet Explorer’ was replaced by Microsoft with ‘Edge HTML.’ But then it moved on to become the all-new Microsoft Edge. Edge uses Chromium as its layout engine, the same as the one used by Chrome or Opera. 

Besides being lightning-fast, Chromium also allows one to download and add extensions from the web store of Chrome. Not only that but a lot more features like:

  • Increased control over the data.
  • The in Private mode for increased privacy. 
  • Password monitor can alert users if their credentials are ever compromised.
  • Additionally, phishing and malware protection can help one work peacefully through their projects. 
  • One can use a marker, to mark essentials even on their screenshots. 
  • Quick search results are displayed on the sidebar for user convenience.


2.Sandbox is Part of Windows 10 for the First Time

Microsoft is the first-ever operating system to introduce Sandbox for its users. Sandbox is an integrated virtual machine that can be easily installed and used by almost anyone. It segments files that look capricious to users.

To keep suspicious files separately from the rest of the system files, that user can drag-drop/copy-paste to separate them.

 One fact check!

If a file is erased from Sandbox, it does not move to the Recycle Bin but gets erased from the system permanently.

3.Timeline, Task View, and Virtual Desktops

The need of the day– multitasking has been made easy with the Task View feature of Windows!

The running apps would be highlighted with Task View in the center of the screen. Additionally, its virtual desktop feature organizes similar activities into unique groups for their convenience. Virtual desktops appear at the top when the system is in use.

The timeline feature of Windows provides a weekly overview of operations handled

4.WSL is Considerable

Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is a separate Linux kernel that makes it compatible with Windows 10. Ubuntu, Kali Linux, and openSUSE allow one to use WSL by installing Linux bash onto Windows.

With WSL 2, the compatibility layer of the Linux kernel is switched to a real-time Linux kernel. Completely optimized, WSL 2 enables a fantastic Linux experience for Windows.

5. Windows Hello

Windows Hello authenticates access to the Windows 10 systems. It operates through a biometric analysis of the user’s face or fingerprint mechanism to enable sign-in on new devices. For people who tend to forget passwords or pins, Windows Hello can be a boon in disguise. A user needs an Intel 3D camera on their computers to take advantage of the Windows Hello feature.

6.Windows Security Features

Microsoft defender is the inbuilt Windows 10 program equipped to impart real-time protection to system’s data. Some other smart security features factored in Windows are smart screen, application & device guard, account control, bit locker, and credential & exploit guard.

7.Cortana is Windows Voice!

Jen Taylor is the voice for the United States local Cortana version. Moreover, Tellme Networks (which Microsoft acquired it in 2007) contributes to the natural language processing capabilities of Cortana. Similarly, the semantic search database, Satori has been coupled with NLP.

It can do a lot of stuff for users like sending emails on the user’s behalf, setting reminders, even commenting when one talks to her. Though one can’t commute using Cortana since that has been discontinued, still one can book restaurants, listen to music, and manage to-do lists using it.


It can be safely said that Windows 10 is built as a tomorrow’s OS. It is a superior alternative to Windows 8. According to Microsoft, there will be no more versions of Windows in the future. 

So, ideally, this is the last version released by Microsoft. The latest version is known as 20H2 released on 20th October. The next version will be released in roughly another six months.