This blog will give you simple and effective tips to set up your new gadget — be it your laptop or personal computer. Just follow the instructions mentioned below to set your brand-new machine.

A lot of people are buying laptops and personal computers as the holiday season is in full swing and there are some great deals online. This is a great opportunity to buy the latest laptop at discounted prices. Consumers are spoilt for choice as leading brands have lowered the prices and giving good cash backs and gifts along with the gadget to allure customers.

Setting up a new laptop and personal computer is time-consuming and baffling. This is true for those who are not very technically sound. However, this part can be simplified by following a deliberate & planned approach. Just follow the right steps and instructions to set up your new machine quickly and effectively. 


Unpack and Set Up a Password

Firstly, unpack the machine carefully so that there are no scratches. Ensure you have emptied the box and there are no wires in the box. Put your laptop on charge so that the battery does not drain away while setting it up. First and foremost, set up your password and make a note of it somewhere so that you do not forget. A good way to approach this is to read the user manual so that you are aware of the machine’s storage, memory, and other important details.

Internet Connectivity

Once your password is set you should then ensure that your WIFI settings are connected. You will need the internet for almost every task. So, go to Start and then click on settings and network and internet to connect to the internet. This is a very quick and simple instruction which needs to be implemented on your machine.

Windows Updates

Setting up the new machine will take some time. First, you can start by installing and updating all the latest windows updates automatically than doing it manually. You should click on check for updates as this will automatically update windows on the new machine. While this is happening, you can simultaneously do another task to save time.

System Icon

A very important aspect of setting up the new machine is selecting your favourite wallpaper, display, apps, brightness, and volume of the machine. This is simple. You need to go to settings and click on the System icon which is like a laptop image icon. This will help you adjust your display settings. Going forward, you can choose the apps and features that you want to display on the home screen. Since you are setting your new machine if there are certain apps or games that you want to uninstall for gaining more storage and memory space.


One of the prime reasons for you to set up your new machine is that you get access to important and crucial data. There is a method by which you can transfer your files, documents, and pictures to your new machine. If you have stored all your important data on one drive, then it can be easily downloaded from your Microsoft account to your new laptop without any hassle. A lot of us store important presentations, pictures, and other data on our Google Drive or Dropbox. These files can be easily accessed from the new machine. However, you need to ensure that your internet is working fine so that you can download Google and Dropbox data on your new machine.


While setting up your new machine you should be very cautious and ensure that you take out time to install antivirus in the machine so that it is safeguarded. The internet is full of bugs and if you click on a wrong link there are high chances of your machine being attacked by a virus. Many machines become victims of malware infection. Hence it is important to protect your machine with reputed antivirus software that will enhance the working of the machine.

Fingerprint Login

You can be a little picky about people accessing your new machine as you want to shield your data. Go to settings and select Fingerprint Login or Face Recognition login option which will only allow you to access your new machine. You need to go to settings, then click on Accounts and then select sign-in options. This way you can choose either Fingerprint or Facial Recognition login preference. Windows will set this up and you require a pin or a password to protect this.

Unhiding File Extensions

Windows 10 hides file extensions thus making the folders seem invisible. You may not even know it is a JPG or PNG file and this is quite scary. While setting up the machine, access file explorer and click on the View tab to see the file type. Click on View Hidden Files and file name extensions to view the hidden files.


Just follow the instructions and your new machine will be set up and ready for you to use. These steps are very simple and not very time-consuming.

Setting up a new laptop is no rocket science, and it can be done by most people who are not technically sound.

Take out some time and read the user manual so that you are aware of the new features and functions. Ensure that the back system is active, and you regularly save important files to avoid data loss.